When I was in the sixth grade, our entire class was assigned to write a short story of at least a page in length.  Most kids wrote a page or less.  I wrote six pages, front and back, single-spaced.  My teacher asked me to read it aloud in class and at that moment, I felt the intoxicating thrill and terror of presenting a personal creation to a public audience.  I continued to write throughout adolescence until I graduated from college.  After that, my writing fizzled.  I lost interest.  My creativity fell stagnant.

A decade later, I started a simple blog as a writing exercise.  My goal was just to get the creative juices flowing again, flex mental muscles that had atrophied.  The blog did not have a theme and so my entries were few and far between.  In 2009, I read a book called Blood River by Tim Butcher that made such an impression on me that I wrote a blog entry about it.  I enjoyed that experience so much that I decided I would write about every book I read.  I didn't post all of my writings on the blog, posting some of them on goodreads or shelfari instead, but writing about what I was reading was and continues to be great practice.

In 2014, I decided I wanted a single home for all of these articles I was writing and so against my better judgment, bookthump.com was born.  So here I am, ready to experience all of the dark and stormy nights.